Department of paediatrists

Medical children care Centre – Paediatrician Department!

Pre- during and postnatal we have 4 paediatricians (doctors for children) who are there for you and your child and answer all your questions.

Especially we offer:

  • 1st physical examination from your child right after giving birth and for the following days.

  • After the 3rd day we offer a pre-examination called U – 2. There we give tips and hints how to treat your baby.  Besides you give the chance to ask as many questions concerning your baby and mother-care.

  • If you desire an ambulant birth, we offer a check-up for your baby.

  • Concerning the U – 2 examination we offer special tests to check your baby’s metabolism, the hearing ability and a hip-joint-sonography.

  • If there is any birth risk to be seen, your baby will be received by a paediatrician (special doctor for babies) to avoid any risks in advance.

  • Despite all preparations to all big University clinics.

  • If needed, we offer as well a ultrasound-screening of your babies heart, kidneys and skull.

For further questions and answer feel free to contact us any time, we and our team wish you and your child / baby all the very best!

Dr. med. Maru Bohdansky

Dr. med. Matthias Grimberg

Konsiliarztin Dr. med. Anette Meidert

Konsiliararzt Dr. med. Mathias Wendeborn

Dr. med. Maru Bohdansky 2011